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A ritualistic arcade-style top-down shooter drawn from the Goetia Démonok. Visuals react in realtime to a  soundtrack featuring contributions from Sleeping with the Earth and Avola.

Made in June 2019 for the PIGSquad Summer Slow Jam.

We are planing to continue development over the next few months and flesh this out into a more complete game.  Will be posting new builds somewhat regularly.


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Beleth.zip 169 MB


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NVDIA GeForce MX150

The first levels : 30-40 FPS

The final level: 15-20 FPS

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This game was so fecking kewl! I made you a lil video: 


Fuck yeah

Thank you!

We cut some corners to get it playable before the deadline on the game jam, but if there’s enough interest we might be able to flesh it out as a more complete experience & work on polish

If possible can you let us know what GPU you’re using? 



Hell yeah! Ehh It's NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 

And I really do have screens shots of the game as my desktop wallpaper right now. Thats how much I loved it!